Your Tribe

Nourish your ability to be a human, whether you are creative an admirer or a loyal supporter this is your platform. Find the creative, admire them and get them known. From culture to culture we will build a wiser culture. Starting with Busking.

A true artist
is not one who is inspired,
but one who inspires others.
Salvador Dali

Your Culture

once you have built your tribe its time to build your culture, share your favourite buskers, nurture their passion, get them known and talk through the Culture hub, a picture says a thousand words your culture speaks for them, start speaking.

We do not inherit the earth from
our ancestors.

we borrow it from our children.
Native American Proveb


Connect cultures through an innovative platform that motivates your passion

Clear Sight

Our aim is to fulfil our purpose as a human being on this planet by showing a new way of living, a place where you can do what you love not what you have to do. where you get rewarded for your passion.

What is culture tribes
Culture tribes is a place for you, choose your passion, build your tribe, create your culture, once you have created your culture educate your self, inspire one another, and utilise the tools we have to help you turn your passion into a reality.
Why should I use culture tribes
Culture tribes connects you to your favourite passions, it keeps your purpose of life clean and opens your vision to see the possibilities of life.
What does it mean to be a part of a culture
Arts and other manifestation of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively, this is the meaning of culture, in simple terms by bringing people together with the same passion you awaken dreams.
Why should I be in a culture
Collectively it is easier to achieve dreams and manifest your ideas, building a culture creates your network where you can share ideas and bring them to life.
How do I build my tribe
Look for people with the same interest, ask them to join your tribe, share ideas and visions, use the tools in your tribe and grow, help each other fulfil their passion and get rewarded (coming soon).
How do I build my culture
Look for tribes with similar interests and once you connect two tribes you become a culture, share with each other and help your culture thrive, when your culture is thriving we will take it to the next level.
Why should I build a tribe
Being a part of a tribe is an important asset as a modern day human, we are social creatures and thrive of being social, with your tribe you are able to share the same interest and help each other with your dreams.
When will it be available
We have a very experienced team doing an exceptional amount of research to bring you culture tribes by 2016, in the mean time share you ideas with us, like us on Facebook, tweet us on twitter and watch some of our videos on you tube.

Intelligence without ambition
is a bird without wings.
Salvador Dali

Tribe Funding

A wiser culture starts with you.